Signature Select Program

The Signature Select program is designed to turn any unfortunate course of events into a successful restoration project. The Signature Group has been assisting its clients and insurance community for over 30 years in the recovery of businesses and dwellings from fire, water, flood, hurricanes, odor, and environmental damages. In handling these cases from coast to coast, we have earned the reputation of being responsive, efficient, and effective and have become recognized as a leader in the restoration industry; however, no matter how accomplished or prepared we are, our recovery process can be made more effective if you have made some preparation in advance to help accelerate the recovery process. The Signature Select Program helps you prepare and design a plan that fits your company’s needs in the event of a loss of any size or magnitude.

In any disaster, time is of the essence and the more preparation done in advance will speed up the recovery time, limit financial loss, and help put you and your clients back in business. We can help you to help you develop a plan that will fit your needs and the more information we are able to attain, the more effective we will be in a time of crisis. The Signature Group understands that every building is different and that individual needs and customer needs vary from one client to another. The Signature Group is prepared to meet with you to better understand those needs before a disaster occurs in order to better serve you in the event of a disaster. There are certain elements that are common to all disasters and the most important of these is information. The Signature Select Program is designed to fit within your own contingency or recovery plan.

Take the most important step in preparing for recovery and becoming a priority client in the event of a disaster. The goal is to make this program easy, efficient, and effective. The Signature Group is here to help you with any questions or assisting you in preparing your plan. Please call one of our representative’s with any questions you may have.