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The Signature Group was originally established as a National Disaster Recovery Company focusing on the educational, healthcare and commercial markets during times of distress. We provide structural drying and dehumidification, hygienic cleaning of contents and structure, debris cleanup and removal, temporary and permanent construction, document recovery and temporary power and climate control. Disaster recovery contracting dictates our need to constantly be on alert, as catastrophic events occur at the worst possible times. One trademark of The Signature Group has always been our ability to mobilize substantial numbers of workers and equipment to distant and remote sites, and to perform at a high level of competency for extended periods of time. Add that to our strong financial base and the substantial amount of resources at our disposal, it gives us the ability to successfully take on and complete the most daunting of large loss disaster recovery projects. In the midst of chaos, you want proven expertise and unparalleled resources to put your business operation back on track.

In addition to meeting our client’s needs during a crisis, The Signature Group can be a service to your company on a day to day basis. Our Industrial division is equipped with the tools and skilled employees to provide construction services to the commercial, refining and chemical industries. These services include both new and remodeled construction work, as well as civil work such as parking lots, roads, streets and sidewalks. In addition, we provide innovative products for waterproofing roofing systems and fiberglass alternatives to grating and stair cases for corrosion control. Our diversified skill set allows The Signature Group to be your turn key contractor for maintenance work and repairs. Our industrial division also includes environmental services such as hydro blasting, vacuuming, tank cleaning, waste hauling and environmental restoration. With the variety of industrial services and experience we offer, we have a competitive advantage in handling any project regardless of size or location.

Our clients require a contractor whose experience lies in performing critical path projects in and around both operating and disaster stricken areas and the mindset to complete all projects safely, efficiency, and on time. We believe we can provide our services and achieve satisfactory results; and we guarantee it.